Ewww. I laughed and kinda threw up in my mouth when I watched this.

The Last "King"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keyshia Cole is on the cover of King Magazine’s final Hood Fab issue. I can’t say I’ll be sad to see it go. I was never an avid reader of the magazine, but whatever. I’m sure those womanless men who often spend most of their lonely nights in front of the telly with a box of pizza, can of lager and well, a magazine of such to get their sexual perks on will be the ones crying themselves a river especially now that the mag is about to cease to exist.

Angel Lola Luv

She wears many hats - video vixen, pinup model, eye candy - but should "rapper" be a title that she totes?

I understand sex sells, but apparently so does crap. I wonder how the board meeting on this one went. Sad to say that she isn't even really the Nigger of the Week; the genius who brought her into the studio thinking it was a good idea deserves that coveted U.N. title.

Yes, Soulja Boy has managed to find himself as our Nigger of the Week, again. But this time he is NOT alone.

As it goes, Soulja Boy & Bow Wow have "beef" over Lamborghini's - whose is faster or whose is rented ... they might as well be arguing over who has the bigger penis!

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The story is Soulja Boy on one of his "Rich Nigga Shit" videos (more nonsense YouTube has exposed us to & I refuse to attach the hyperlink to such foolery) he bragged about purchasing a brand new car, and paying for it cash. He went on to challenge Bow Wow to a race. Bow Wow replied, with a humorous collection of insults to Soulja's "career". This triggered yet another response, where Soulja questioned Bow Wow's ownership of his Lambo, asking to see his "papers".

Is this what "hip-hop" has become? Is this was a "beef" really consists of? O how I yearn for the days of the East Coast-West Coast rivalry. SMDH. Granted Bow Wow has been around for quite some time, so you think he'd have better sense, but then we have to remind ourselves, he's still a baby.

This could all be some elaborate publicity stunt, because it wasn't too long ago that they were bouncing around screaming "Marco polo" with one another. Regardless of the reason, this niggerish behavior has landed them in our Nigger of the Week spot.

You can google her!

We said we'd bring it, and here it is.

If you remember our previous Bashment Phenomena post we talked about all the nut (_!_) party themes, headlines, and flyers that people concoct for a quick buck. Thanks to the easily accessible Photoshop and the new wave of youtube tutorials, everyone is suddenly a marketing and event planning pro. POSH!

End result? We end up with Nonsense Ent. presents the Foolery Edition hosted by the Sheep Crew. Ladies free before 11:22PM, and $4.99 after + tax. Shout out to the WHOLE alphabet.


But can you REALLY blame these party "planners" and promoters? The question isn't why do they do it, because we all know why. The real question is WHY DO PEOPLE GO?

Throw a half naked chick and some words on a flyer and people flock; they'll sell their grandmother and knock over the local liquor store to make sure they have money for the perfect outfit and cover charge for the night. BUT substitute that naked girl with an AIDS ribbon and change "Affair" to "Fundraiser" and suddenly everyone is broke with a prior engagement - watching paint dry, ironing the sheets, walking the cat, etc.

Most events have now resorted to tricking people into caring. It's sad really.

Exhibits A and B

Last year the ladies of the AKA hosted and fashion show. In addition to the big fun promised, this was also a socially aware event. But notice how the first flyer makes NO mention of such. And the second flyer, at the very bottom, in barely legible font, they state that a portion of the proceeds are to benefit he Breast Cancer Research, accompanied by a small pink ribbon. Why is this the "fine print" of the event? Even the name/contact info of the guy who designed the flyer is more visible?

Another Greek family also hosted a socially aware event, however the Alphas chose AIDS Awareness.

Exhibit C

Although the cause is more vivid on the flyer, it seems randomly placed as though to say "o yeah, we care about something too, so now you should really come."

I get it - it's a catch 22. You want to support a good cause, but you also want to drive a crowd. But have we really gotten to a point where spread eagle is more appealing than the fight against domestic violence? We've evolved so much on a macro level - we actually have an African American president; but on a micro scale, we've regressed into a time where it's more fun to "chuck and jive" than to donate and save.

Notorious Hype

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The reviews are in, from some very notable and well-respected publications, and yet people stil insist on trying to convince me that this movie is the best thing since The Wizard of Oz.


What they have produced is a messy, lively melodrama, reasonably faithful to the facts of Biggie’s life and wholeheartedly devoted to burnishing his myth.

What really saves "Notorious" are the performances of rapper Jamal Woolard, who captures some of The Notorious B.I.G.'s playful charm, and newcomer Naturi Naughton, who dazzles early on as the fiery Lil' Kim.

Rolling Stone-

The movie is forced to rush things, but Biggie biographer Cheo Hodari Coker, who co-wrote the script, gets in the essentials, starting with young Chris on the streets dealing despite warnings from his single mom (a vivid Angela Bassett).

...but director George Tillman Jr., who sweetened Soul Food, goes soft when he should go for the jugular.

Washington Post-
Those trailers on YouTube may look promising, but don't believe the hype. "Notorious," a new biopic about the life and death of the Notorious B.I.G., feels like Biggie's Wikipedia page reformatted for the big screen. No era of the iconic Brooklyn rapper's tumultuous 24 years goes untouched, making for a frustrating dash from the playground to the grave, all in under two hours.

The experts have spoken, and it's pretty clear that this movie doesn't live up to all its hype. Not only did people hype the film, they took it upon themselves to immortalize Biggie. People have gone so far as to compare him to people like MLK and Shakespeare. REALLY???!!!!! A civil rights leader and a LITERARY genius?? He's a drug-dealer turned baby daddy turned rapper turned murder victim. Where is the glory in what he did? What disease did he cure? What great sacrifice did he make for mankind?

It is still my belief that this movie had NO BUSINESS GOING INTO PRODUCTION, and I will not stray away from that conviction. However, the disaster is done and yet people refuse to let it be, and call it was it is - a BIG mistake.

If this was such a GRAND masterpiece, where are the nominations, hmm - the Oscars, the SAGs? Why is it #7 on the box office charts, grossing slightly over $34M? Oh did we reeeeaaally think white America was going to align themselves behind this? And let's NOT play the race card - Ali with Will Smith grossed $87,713,825 worldwide, while earning 2 Oscar nominations; and Ray with Jamie Foxx grossed $124,731,534 worldwide, and was nominated for 6, winning 2 Oscars. Even that disaster of a movie, Tropic Thunder, got a damn nomination (Robert Downing Jr. for Best Supporting Actor). The truth of it is, the money-makers and movie connoisseurs saw what I saw - that this movie was a sham and a marketing ploy. While the slain Tupac Shakur has managed to release FIVE albums since his death, not to mention a number of collaborations, documentaries, et al; Christopher Wallace has done...

...don't worry, I'll wait.

The man was a good rapper. I will admit. And being from Brooklyn myself I was indeed a supporter. BUT I will not support the lies that people insist on spewing, as though he is the greatest this since color TV and cable television. He didn't "save" or "change" hip-hop. He was a part of it, and died from it. The man is no pioneer, he no saviour of any sort, and he is certainly NO MLK!!

When will this stop?